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What if you could re-live your fondest memories—and your worst? Ryan is middle aged, unemployed, and depressed. When his wife Cerise, a research scientist, offers him the chance to re-examine his memories with the help of an experimental machine, it brings the past to life in ways neither of them expected.

In the dystopian landscape of New Texas in 2053, AU-12, an android, and Lew, a lonely retiree, forge a bond through virtual chess matches. Their connection deepens as they embark on an ill-fated road trip, challenging their contrasting outlooks on life.

In 2044 in the International City-State of Houston, Detective Elmer Hernández Scott, a thirty-year veteran, investigates an unheard of crime: an android accused of hiring a hit man. As Scott peels back the layers of AI psychology and ethics, he grapples with how to outthink a thinking machine, and what this moment could mean for any human concept of justice.

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The Regret Machine: A Novella The Regret Machine: A Novella
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ratings: 7 (avg rating 4.43)

Cohesion: A Novella Cohesion: A Novella
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ratings: 3 (avg rating 5.00)

Thumbs Up: A Novelette Thumbs Up: A Novelette
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